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Why tools?
January 1, 2008, 1:14 am
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The idea was born 3 years ago when I went home for Christmas. My mom had just moved into a new home and she was trying to get settled in- hanging drapes, fixing shelves, all the normal home improvement projects. She was looking to me to help her do all these things since I had built furniture in school and was familiar with tools. That’s when it occurred to me that there are a lot of independant women now who are intelligent and want to take these projects on themselves, but they just don’t have the right tools. That doesn’t mean they need pink sparkly drills either, it means they need to be light weight, ergonomically shaped, logical in use, with the same amount of power, safe, no longer intimidating tools. And while we’re at it, they should look good too. Just look what apple’s done to the PC. In a man’s world, bigger is better even if they can barely hold the drill in their hand because the battery pack is so big and heavy. Women know better. We need tools that fit us…



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Via Email…

I am interested in learning about your line of tools and how to purchase them. Thanks
Mary Kay

Comment by 5nonblondes

That is so exciting to hear that you are so interested in our idea, but at this time they are not available to purchase. We are working on establishing our company and getting our ideas out there. Please check back and hopefully we’ll be there soon! -Alison

Comment by 5nonblondes

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