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Composting Glory
March 12, 2008, 12:45 pm
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I talk a lot about recycling.  I guess you might even say I’m an aspiring treehugger.  I haven’t unplugged my refrigerator or anything, but I do try to put my words into action whenever I can.  I got my chance this weekend when my friends and I headed up to wine country.  We rented a little cabin off the beaten path, next to a creek and some woods.  We took it upon ourselves to make a fabulous dinner on Saturday night with our mini kitchenette and as opposed to throwing away all of our leftovers, I really felt like we should throw them outside for the animals to eat.  My friends gave me endless grief about trying to claim my moment of composting glory and tried to convince me I would bring wild animals from miles away right up to our front door step and into my bed.  I got no love, but I decided to persevere and headed out into the dark by myself with the heaping plate of leftovers.  I tried not to entice any forest creatures by walking as far from the cabin as I felt comfortable, in the middle of the night, with no flashlight.   I quickly dumped the scraps and ran back inside.  I thought I’d be done at that, but within 30 minutes my friend Christina called out from her bedroom.  There was a raccoon on the front porch.  Everyone, of course, turned to me.  I explained again that I had left the food far from the cabin and denounced any and all blame for the raccoon.  However, come morning a new surprise lay in store for us.  We headed outside for breakfast, only to discover a pack of vultures circling overhead and swooping down.  A group of them landed right where I’d left the scraps and drug them out in the open and it wasn’t just one.  I think there were 10-15 at one point in time.  There was no denying my involvement anymore…  What can I say? The vulture population of Sonoma County is very important to me.  J


-Rebecca, SF


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That’s pretty funny…way to feed the wild Bec! We leave our recycling bin outside and every time we leave pizza boxes out there, we can always tell the racoons have been getting into the crumbs. Can’t really do that in the summer though…gotta watch out for those bears!

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