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I’ve been doing a lot of research on recycled materials lately and came across the “Design for Recycling” Award.  This award was created by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) a.k.a. the “voice” of scrap recycling industries.  This spectacular award was created to recognize a company that considers end-of-life recyclability in the earliest stages of product design.  So far, ISRI has only named 1 company to receive this award … and the winner is HP, which was in 2006.

Design for Recycling is not only an award, it is also a set of guidelines that ISRI has compiled for manufacturers and product designers to consider…

  • Reduction in the number of different recyclable materials
  • Reduction or elimination of hazardous constituents
  • Increased yield of the product’s recyclables
  • Improvement in the safety of recycling
  • Design that allows for easy dis-assembly for recycling
  • HP has developed standards that integrate clear design guidelines and checklists into every product’s design process to assess and improve recyclability.” Some of the design features include using modular design to allow components to be removed, upgraded, or replaced, eliminating glues and adhesives by using snap-in features, reducing the number and types of materials used, using single plastic polymers and using molded-in colors and finishes instead of paint, coatings, or plating.

    Getting more manufacturers to design products for easy recycling could prove to be a very important step toward a green future.  I can only dream that Savvy Tools will have the privilege to accept this award some day.  Perhaps I’m a little too hopeful, but I don’t think the possibility is too far fetched.  To start off, ISRI will consider any company or individual for this award if they practice only 1or 2 of the methods above.  In the developemental stages of our product line, we have not only considered all of the points list above, but additional standards (similar to HP’s) for the tools as well as the packaging and our company letterhead.  I could only hope that all companies start to follow suit.

    Kelsey – Vail, CO


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