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Would you buy?
March 6, 2009, 2:08 am
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drill In order to complete our business plan, we need your help in completing some market research.  You’ve all heard what our goals at Savvy are.   We’ve told you about the products we’re trying to release.  (Check out the description of the drill here:  The question is, if the drill were available today for $69.99, would you buy one?


If no, is the price not right?  Are there other features you think should be added?  Leave us a comment and let us know. 

Thanks for your help!



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i did a small price comparison with the product details of a typical 12v cordless black and decker versus your product and the pricepoints are higher for BD and your earth friendly take on the tool exceeds the benefits. and urs is prettier. but i would prefer to see power comparisons, my drill now seems to have less power than it did back in the day.

Comment by ss

Our reasoning behind the price difference is that most drills currently include the battery charger with the drill for that price. Since we’re introducing a universal solar charger that would cost more, we felt it would be a better idea to sell the drill for slightly less and then have people buy the charger seperately.

Comment by 5nonblondes

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