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The Margarido House

I had the privilege of touring the Margarido Houseon Saturday.  It’s Northern California’s first LEED platinum home and the first home in the nation to be both LEED-H certified and GreenPoint Rated.  The place is absolutely gorgeous!  It’s located in the Oakland hills and has stunning views out over the bay towards San Francisco.  I had no problem picturing myself with a glass of wine in the roof top garden watching the sunset over the city. 

You can check out a video tour below from Sally TV.

As is to be expected of a LEED platinum home, it has all kinds of sustainable features like:

-Solar panels on the roof providing all heating & hot water, and most of its electricity

-4,000 gallon rainwater cistern that collects all the water on site

-Living roof covered with native grasses and succulents

-Exterior cladding and interior flooring made from Heath Ceramics’ used kiln shelves

-Reflective cool roof

-All LED/ CFL lighting

and much more…

The owner/developer is Mike McDonald with McDonald Construction & Development.   He partnered with his brother Tim McDonald from Plumbob architects in Boston and interior designer Ian Read from Medium Plenty.  McDonald Construction and Medium Plenty had already partnered on the 24th street house that was featured in Dwell Magazine in their June 2007 issue.

They’ve definitely shown that going green is not a sacrifice.  If you ask me, they’re living in the lap of luxury.  I’m hoping homes like this will inspire people and we’ll start seeing a lot more green homes around the country!